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Media Training

For us to achieve the global goal and objectives of reducing waste, it is important we educate journalists, bloggers and other media professionals on what and how to better communicate waste management challenges as well as best practices from other Countries with sustainable solutions. We have the support of our parent body Let's Do It World to achieve this plan for the year 2022 and also advised to extend it to other Africa Nations.

This training will be in partnership with our HQ, Federal Ministry of Environment, National Orientation Agency and other relevant organizations.

World Earth Day

This is joint a collaboration between our HQ (Let's Do It World), National Cleanup Day and Earth Day Network to celebrate World Earth Day every year through their various networks. The aim is to inspire volunteerism and achieve tangible impacts on waste in our environment.

With the aim of working together to create a massive campaign, Let's Do It World network and its partners aim to inspire action and achieve tangible impacts on waste in our environment. Improved health, strong investments and community vibrancy can be achieved once people gain the expectation that their community will be clean. Every person has the right to live in a clean community.

World Cleanup Day

Let’s Do it! Nigeria unites with our state coordinators, volunteers, partners and sponsors to organize a full-scale campaign project against illegal refuse to dump and implement efficient waste management that captures the 5Rs (Rethink, Refuse, Reduce, Reuse and Recycle). The aim is to ignite a joint effort from all the sectors of society using technology through our mobile APP (Trash Out) for Mapping illegal waste dump sites.

World Cleanup Day takes place on the third Saturday of every September. On this day, volunteers and partners worldwide come together to rid our planet of trash – cleaning up litter and mismanaged waste from our beaches, rivers, forests, and streets.

The model of World Cleanup Day is bold – working to engage 5% of each country's population to pick up mismanaged waste from nature on a single day. This is the tipping point that starts a transformation process in society and catalyses the collaboration between sectors to find new solutions in production and waste management.

Next World Cleanup Day takes place on 17 September 2023

Street Conference

This project is PAN-Nigeria, structured with 4 phase model to teach and change the behaviour of citizens across the Nation. We also use the project as a pilot test to build up our biggest project "World Cleanup Day" September 17, 2023, each of our State Coordinators in 27 States will receive a brief and plan to carry out the main objectives for the year,

The State Coordinators' motivation to drive volunteers and partners is usually tagged with a prize to experience our World Cleanup Day Conference in Estonia and some other consolation prizes. We look out for states with the highest number of plastics, bottles, cigarette butts, waste, participants etc.

The 4 phase Model include
SEE IT! - Educate the populace about their responsibility to the environment by being conscious of trash. The focus is to educate citizens about trash blindness and advocate for World Cleanup Day preparation.

MAP IT! - Campaign is focusing on data collection about illegal trash points and awareness campaign in the media for the download of "Trash Out App" and to generate momentum for the World Cleanup Day September 17, 2023.

TRASH IT! - Mobilization of the citizenry to participate in cleaning up Nigeria on World Clean-Up Day. The focus will be media domination to attain noting for the event. Stakeholder/Community engagement will also be a priority. Mapped data review and finalization of teams to clean reported illegal dumpsite.

LEARN IT! - Sustainability and planning for the next stage. Reporting and reviewing of activities and campaigns engaged in and planning for the best route to address identified flaws and improvement gaps. Issuing of Communiqué to Government and relevant agencies

Good Deed

This is one of our special programmes aimed at educating employees of corporate organizations on waste audit, brand audit and 5Rs. Employees of such organizations are invited to an agreed location(s) where waste management learning will be put into practice through various innovative fun drive and team bonding.

The principles for this programme are simple:
  1. Walking or running, on your own or as a group, and picking up litter that you encounter on your route.
  2. Learning more about zero waste and the importance of recycling.
  3. Measuring the volume of litter collected.
We will like to see a model whereby company will encourage employees to deposit their recyclables monthly for recyclers to pick at a designated location within the company vicinity. The recyclers pay for the recyclables collected and the organization can use the revenue generated to celebrate World Cleanup Day and share numbers around the environmental contribution.

Digital Cleanup Day

In the digital world, just like in the environment, there is a huge amount of trash. Unnecessary files take up storage space on our smartphones, tablets, laptops, PCs and servers. By deleting these files, apps, photos and videos we are not just extending the life of our gadgets and saving a huge amount of CO2, but we also feel more balanced, take better control over our lives and become efficient and satisfied.
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